Tuesday, September 20, 2011

X Factor UK - Part 2

I don't think I miss Simon Cowell. The guy, Gary Barlow gave comments similar to Simon's, however, he was always nice. He's using so many words that Simon's famous for, and the way he said it. lol... and he's very sarcastic! I'm loving the judging panel for this season. :)

Marcus Collins' audition  - Very friendly and he can sing! He has a pretty "free" voice; he doesn't need to try so hard with his voice... and I do love the audience. :D

Jonjo Kerr's audition - This is unexpected, but I really do like this audition.

Amelia Lily's audition - I think she's good, but I don't get the song. lol

John Adams' audition - WOW. Didn't see that coming. He has a voice full of soul... But I don't like it when the contestant stood so close to the judges table... that bit kinda put me off a bit.

Michelle Barrett's audition - This is such a touching audition. She's a very cute mother... When Tulisa cried, you can't help but share the tears as well...

2 Shoes' audition - Again, this is unexpected. They're decent, but they really need to work on their appearance and personality

John Wilding's audition - Very nice!

Bradley Johnson's audition - Worth mentioning, but I can't really hear him with that small voice. He needs to turn up the volume a bit.

Deep Dhillon's audition - I usually skip the bad singers, but I don't know why I bother to watch this. It was amusing! "I want you back. I want you back. I want you back". lol.

Ceri Rees' audition - Awww... but hahahaha.

X Factor UK - Part 1

I'm really hooked!! I've been watching the clips uploaded by itv on youtube since I've done my job few hours ago... and here are my thoughts!

Janet Devlin's audition  - She's a very sweet girl! Very cute voice and you can hear how nervous she was. It's endearing to see this shy person getting standing ovation from the crowd and the judges.

Johnny Robinson's audition - This guy makes me smile and cry at the same time. He has the same personality as Jean Martyn of the Britain's Got Talent; very pleasant and always full of joy. He makes people very happy... and he can sing too!

Derry Mensah's audition - I didn't think that this is going to be one of my favorite auditions. For one thing he's... nevermind. I thought he came just because of Kelly Rowland. I didn't think that he came with the voice like that. I also love how nice Kelly is... The guy's obviously ecstatic! "Kelly Rowland kissed me!" lol

Misha Bryan's audition - I really didn't expect that she could sing at all! These Britain people never cease to amaze me! Usually when I watch American Idol, I think almost all of those who came with weird looks (in my eyes) and attire do tend to sing like frogs. This isn't the case for UK shows, it seems... Poeple with the voice doesn't look like star (i.e: Paul Potts, Susan Boyle, etc). lol. This Misha girl has great voice and showmanship, but I do hope she won't overdo the singing like Fantasia.

Craig Colton's audition - It's cute that this guy came to the audition without telling his parents who were apparenly in the audience. They didn't have any idea that he was going to audition. He's got the personality and the voice! He's got quick wit too. lol. He reminded me of Michael Collings of the Britain's Got Talent somehow...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Into The X Factor

I'm in my youtube video browsing at since... a few hours ago. I was so busy these past two days. My work is done now, so I get to watch some youtube videos. Yay!

I'm currently into the X Factor UK, after seeing Joe McElderry's audition. I discover another very talented person. His name is Matt Cardle. I think his best performance was when he sung The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Such a wonderful voice and the performance made me teary somehow... and apparently, he's the winner for the 7th season.

I think I'm over my Joe McElderry zone now. However, I'm so hooked with the UK Reality Show, X Factor. I'm on its 8th Season now (via YouTube that is). Apparently, it's still on going. So far, I saw two outstanding performances...

The US version is scheduled to premiere on 21st September, and from what I've heard, which is why Simon quits American Idol... and he drags Paula Abdul into it. It feels like American Idol all over again, except the "dog" is not in the judges' table. I just hope Paula will make an effort to not say things we don't get though.

I'm so pumped with this new show!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Joe McElderry in "Popstar to Operastar"

So... I'm so into Joe McElderry at the moment. I ended up watching every clip of his performances in "Popstar to Operastar". I don't understand Opera, but I do like hearing the performers' majestic voice when I stumble upon it...

Joe McElderry - Una Furtiva Lagrima

Joe McElderry - La Donna E Mobile

The next one... I've heard of this song before. Paul Potts sang this in Britain's Got Talent. I'm not comparing Joe with Paul; I think they both have their own flavour in this song and were great at it, though, I admit that I cried when I first saw Paul Potts sang this.

Joe McElderry - Nessun Dorma

Joe Mcelderry - Granada

A duet is next.. Rolando has a very scary (in a very good way) voice!!!

Joe Mcelderry & Rolando Villazon - Musica Proibita

Joe McElderry - Nessun Dorma

I've always wondered if I really get the chance to see one, would I be engrossed with it, or would I fall asleep?

Joe McElderry

Once again, I'm jobless at the moment.

Well -- the day has started off a bit hectic, and by a bit, I really meant a LOT. I had so much to do this morning, up until a few minutes ago, actually. At one point, I noticed that most of my co-workers walked towards the exit door. I turned to my best co-worker and asked if there's any meeting at the Headquarter today. He looked at me weirdly and told me it's already noon... and only then I realised that I most of the population in the office have already gone. I guess I really was busy.

Now that I have extra time to spare with the company's internet connection, I'm trying to see something new at Youtube; I've been youtube-ing Adele these past few days. I typed in X-Factor, and guess what? I found a video of this one guy who has a GREAT voice: Joe McElderry. I ended up re-playing his audition a lot of time; I'm still on it, actually. I tried to get an embed code of the video and it turned out there was none (one with good quality that is). See the video HERE.

On a side note, my little sister is pursuing her study in the United Kingdom. Yesterday was a very sad day... One of my baby sisters won't be around here for a long time. (sigh)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In a Dilemma

I'm in a dilemma since yesterday. Who would have thought that buying a handphone would take up much of your thoughts. You work, and you think about it... You're about to sleep and it crept into your head when it's so rare for you to actually think of anything when you're about to go to bed. By you, I meant me.

I'm all alone in my kitchen now. (sigh) Need to clean up the house yet again...

P.S: I really am addicted to Adele's song now.

I'm calling you...

As I stared at the very busy scenery while I drove few minutes ago, a thought crept into my very lazy head. I'm thinking of calling this new blog... Ness.

It's funny because everything that has been happening since this morning was all random. I never thought that I'd start blogging (I've had a blog before but NEVER actually make it into something... very personal) and now I'm doing it. It's funny that the name I thought of, kind of, being deprived from the name Nessie which is short for Renesmee, who happens to be one of my favorite characters in “Breaking Dawn”.

Anyways… So, now this blog is called Ness. I’m going be talking to you soon. 

P. S: My writing is getting rusty. I’ve been writing in Malay since I started working about five months ago, which is a great thing too. However, I think I’m better in English writing than in Malay, not that I’m great at it at all; I just don’t care so much about making grammar mistake here and there. It’d be less embarrassing ‘cause I'm not talking in my Mother language (shrugs).

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lets do this again

I am familiar with blogger before I created this new blog, however, I was never so keen writing about my personal life in public. My old blog was basically where I would pour my heart out about my passion, which was Smallville. Now that Smallville is already over, I'd like to try and talk about other stuff.

It's 1.15 P.M in Brunei now, and I'm extremely tired. I'm on my lunch break now and I'm not planning on feeding myself for another 5 hours or so. I really need to lose some more weight.

Signing off now - try to listen to more songs by Adele. I'm addicted.

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