Friday, October 14, 2011

Continuous X Factor Episodes: Life is Good!

It's obvious that I'm so into X Factor these days. At first, I don't think I'm going to bother watching the US version but apparently, I couldn't help myself. I was curious about the talent (and the judges) in the US...

I don't have much to say about the US X Factor. Most of the contestants are pretty forgettable to me, other than the girl who was the first to sing on the first episode of the Audition show, the guy who just got our of rehab and the 17 years old girl who doesn't look 17 at all. Oh, and the girl with HUGE lips. However, as memorable their performances were, I don't remember their name and I don't want to be bothered searching for their name.

I wonder why Cheryl Cole backed out; but Nicole is a nice addition. She's fun, energetic and very funny. Nicole and Paula got the categories that they didn't seem to care about... I wonder how they deal with their categories. With that said, I want team Cowell to win.

Needless to say, I think the US version isn't as exciting as the UK version... so far.

I found myself watching the UK version so many times; one time is simply NOT enough. My early favorites are Janet Devlin, Johnny Robinson, Craig Colton, Marcus Collins, Sami Brookes and The Keys. Janet and Craig didn't disappoint me with their performances so far; I've mixed feelings with the others.

I loved Craig Colton's performance from the Judges House. I found myself listening to it again, and again, and again... and his other performances too.

Janet Devlin has the best tones out of all the girls, in my opinion. However, I would like to hear her singing a fast number and see how she does.

Sami and Johnny could have done better; their voices are fine, but their outfits are NOT and it's a distraction.

The Keys didn't make it, however, I'm loving the fact that Charlie made it to the new formed group. The Risk's first performance was in the first live show and I'm so very impressed with them. They all compliment each other well. I can't say much about the other groups.

I think Gary Barlow did great so far. He's opinionated and very honest. I found myself annoyed with Tulisa who got offended easily. I'm always looking forward to Gary and Kelly's comments... the other two; not so much. As much as I love Kelly, I think she's showing an obvious admiration towards Janet and it's not fair for the other girls. Maybe it's just me... and like Kelly, I want to thump Louis, for different reasons though. He CHOSE Goldie over Sami?!!!! and Jonjo over TERRY?!!! I was dreading the fact that Sami got in because Goldie backed off. Seriously, I think Louis is DEAF. After the initial decision he made, I found myself not caring about him OR his understudy...

I love the time set for these two shows. In my time, I get to watch X Factor UK on Monday and Tuesday... then I get to continue watching X Factor US on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Good Old Small Days

It's been 5 months since the final episode of Smallville aired, and I'm still into it. For some strange reasons, I found myself typing "Smallville" whenever I tried to browse for stuff on the internet. I always ended up asking why I did what I did. I was excited for Smallville to end before the show ended, and now I found myself missing it; I'd watch an episode once a week, at the very least.

Smallville was probably one of the best Sci-Fi TV shows ever created, and for that reason, I'm always grateful for the duos, Al Gough and Miles Millar. I was never into a TV series the way I was with Smallville... However, I don't really think that it's the show that got me into the zone; it was more due to the incredible casts and the amazing chemistry between its casts. Without a doubt, it was when Erica Durance came into the cast (in season 4) that I truly became a fanatic.

It was such a good old days... For the past 6 years, I've been anticipating a new episode of Smallville every week, and when the hiatus period came, I'd go into internet forums and speculate with the rest of Smallville fans; I'd go to DevotedtoSmallville for a peaceful discussion, I'd go to Kryptonsite for a debate or two and I'd go to DivineIntervention for my Clois gushing.

Clois... it's short/shipper name for Clark and Lois. It's one of the best ship ever!! I like the Christopher & Margot's Clois... Teri & Dean's Clois was good too. I have only one comment on Brandon & Kate's Clois: BORING. The fact that there wasn't much Clois in Superman Returns didn't help... That aside, Tom & Erica's Clois is the BEST Clois there is! The chemistry was AMAZING. I would want to see them working together again. In a movie or something. They'd be great in a romantic comedy.

To me, nothing can top what Tom and Erica had... I'm on a few other TV shows now, however, Tomerica's Clois is still the best ship there is. There's a few that came close to them, but we'll get back to that next time.

Onto my personal life: I have a new job. I'm a library assistant for the government. I have no formal training in the library course, but so far, it wasn't hard for me to catch up on everything. My seniors are all nice; they're older (My parents' age, probably older) than me, but they're all decent...

I'm watching X Factor UK with my sister as I type this. So, I'm gonna get back focusing on that now. Salam.

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