Monday, June 25, 2012

Weird Day...

Dear Diary,

I had a very weird day. Some might say this is a productive day, but I really doubt my parents would agree. My friend somehow got me interested in a game. And... I'm not much of a gamer, really. The last time I got really into a game was when my sister (or was it my brother) introduced me to an adventurous game called Suikoden. I think that was the second part of the adventure. I remember naming my main character "Zong Po" because I was really into a Hong Kong drama when that happened. I didn't play fairly, I'm afraid... I asked my sister or brother for assistance the whole time. :P

Back to that game thing... It started when my friend, Nurul, was holding onto my tablet (my brother gave it to me, yay!) and she complained that every techno stuff I own are lacking of one thing that she apparently loves, which is game. So I taught her how to download games into my tablet. She ended up downloading a couple of games (It's really more than a couple, really) and I ended up trying one of those games which seems to be her favourite. It's called "Fruit Slice".

Nurul got to play the game shortly after the Isra' Mikraj event ended in our workplace, and I think it was around 10ish a. m. She got the highest score of 998. I've been trying to beat that score and look how it ends up up until a few minutes ago:

I'm not lying when I said I'm not a gamer. Been trying to beat the highest score since 12 p. m. until now (which is about 11.25 p. m). Not a very productive day for me. I even stole some time playing this game while at work. Yikes!

On a much happier note, my baby sister is now on her way to Brunei! So excited to see her again. And by that, I don't mean seeing her on screen. It's F2F baby!

I'm signing off now. Salam. :D

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