Sunday, November 20, 2011

Felt Neglected...

I've been spending my free leisure time online; I've fallen for so many internet forums and one stood out for me compared to the others. However, as of late, the network has turned strange to me. The environment no longer grab my interested. I've a job, and yet I feel like I don't have it at all, not with these new colors flying around me. One said I should do this, one said I shouldn't be doing so. One said it like command, and one said it like my words are just words. *sighs*...

I'm So Seriously Pissed!

As it turned out; a good life tends to be short-lived. My interest for US version of X Factor is fastly deteriorating, and after the first live show, I never turned it on again.

When it comes to UK X Factor... Marcus and Craig are my musics; the only two who never disappoint me since day 1. Miss Janet Devlin has turned from Angel to somewhat a child with a tantrum like devil. I haven't watched the latest live show of UK X Factor, but I do know the result. Seriously! I thought Craig was going to win the entire show (or second only to Marcus) but as it turned out, he got the least number of vote compared to all the other contestant. What's wrong with you UK people?!!

Amelia Lily, who just got back in, got through the next round which I think is very unfair. Why do they have the urge to take back the contestant who already been voted out by the judges??!! It's like licking your own spit. Seriously! If Marcus got off the game, I'll completely turn off X Factor UK.

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